Esalba Metal |

Esalba Metal has started its operations in Eskişehir Industrial Zone, Turkey in January, 2007 claiming to be the best modern metal subcontracting investment of Turkey. Esalba has become an expert for its clients requirements for diverse sectors such as White Appliances, Automotive, Defense Industry, Lightning and Air-conditioning.

Esalba Metal is established based on the knowledge and experiences of Albakom Metal Inc. and Cerrahgil Inc. of Istanbul.

Esalba that aims to work with high throughput, while tries to realize its inner work processes as a combined structure, in the meantime intended to use necessary information to maintain production at many different points by putting into practice ERP software Microsoft Dynamics Ax which enables to support the part of the work extends beyond the boundaries of the company.

Field of Activity
Served Industries

Factory Area
Quality System Certificates
Number of Employees
ERP System

: Metal Parts Subcontracting
: White Goods and Automotive
: Design, Mould Production, Mass Production, Electrostatic Powder Paint Coating, Assembly
: 36.000 m2 open and 12.000 m2 closed
: 18.000 ton flat metal sheet/year
: ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949:2009
: White collar 40, Blue collar 160
: Microsoft Dynamics Ax

Mission & Vision |

Our mission;
In Europe wide, become a customer driven, growing and profitable company with its competitive cost, on time and high quality production.

Our vision;
To become a well-known company in Europe by 2015, having the ability to produce modules and being co-designer of its products in white goods and automotive sectors.

Quality Policy |

Esalba; has been established for the purpose to bring happiness to its clients, employees and the enterprise itself.
In order to reach this goal Esalba;

•Achieves high level customer satisfaction by providing complete solutions which is tailored based on well specified details through advance studies on customer needs and requirements,

•Aims operation perfection,

•Prioritize its employees motivation,

•Meets the expectations of the company shareholders against their investments,

•Perceive the quality as meeting customer demands. Acts with conscious that the quality can be produced one time and at the beginning,

•Tries to expand total quality in every field, aims “zero” mistake, aims to implement continuous improvement policy become applicable at every unit of the enterprise and maintain and develop quality management system.

•Acts with conscious that the knowledge is the most important potential for becoming a contemporary company, to get accommodated to the conditions of competition and realization of the mission and vision.

•Features a team work environment not related with functions and levels within a flexible and plain management model in order to utilize all potential power of employees.

News |

We are attending to Midest 2011 fair in 2011 November in Paris.


The number of countries that we export has step up on 6.

Social Responsibility

Mudurnu Echo Museum Project /
Turkey has maintained its rural culture until recent history and even in the present day. While in the western cultures the notion of “peasant” no longer exists, this concept still live in Turkey. However, due to the social and economic circumstances, by and by these values are getting lost. This situation of our country proved us that this is our last chance to appreciate our ethnographic cultural heritage. On the other hand, townsmen who totally grown away from village life, social values, handicrafts, folklore are missing to get rid of fast living style and dirty environment of cities even though temporarily.

Our aim is, by maintaining communication among those two social units try to hand down our cultural heritage to next generations to make them achieve benefit from this richness if they want to, create “solidarist”, “recycling” and “Sharing” environment and while achieving this make use of our villages and keep them alive. Our other aim is initiate a project which has reproduction feature. By this way, being a good example project for hundreds of abundant villages of Anatolia, both preserving our cultural heritage and increasing cultural tourism revenues fashion around the world.

Turmepa /
Shares of the seas are available in every breath we take. Seas are providing %70 of oxygen we need to live. The largest protein source is seas in the world. %65 percent of cancer medicines are made out of sea nektons and plants.

Unfortunately, this value in our hands is getting polluted every passing day. As being the Sea Clean Institution we believe that it is not too late to interfere. We can raise awareness by explaining the severity of the situation and make them modify their behaviors.

We believe that, to protect our seas are the responsibility of all of us. If we endeavour all together we can save our seas.

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